So I began a journey to take back my power, by...


producing my own show,

working with industry insiders to create space for Black Women in Theatre,


and finding my super power on camera and onstage!

Maybe you can relate...

As an artist starting out, I was told to take what little I could get (and be grateful) so I can fill up my resume.  I wasn't really given any real direction about how to nurture a creative practice, so I was just waiting for the audition, the assignment, and kind of winging it.  And I definitely was not taught how to make money from my art or negotiate for more!

After years of booking roles in shows that made me cringe, and asking everyone and their play auntie to "type me", after being worn out and uninspired after my day job, I was hearing my artists peers complain about the exact same things, so I decided it wouldn't be my story.

And I didn't want to be a broke artist forever. (I mean, my non-artists friend were vacationing in Accra and I wanted to enjoy my life too!)

Over the course of three years, I took back my power!  I went from being a worn-out actor, perpetually blaming my agents,  to being an expert in multi-hyphenate creativity, helping other artists reconnect to their voice, create with ease and get that money!

I always say...

It's time to stop letting ourselves be typed out, and start telling the world what it needs to see!


When we reconnect to that story we were meant to tell, and finally tell it with urgency, the money will come.  And you will have all leverage you need when you're ready to ask for it!

Here's what I want for you...


Creative and Financial Freedom.

 I want you to quit sitting around and waiting for someone to write the perfect role for you.  I want you to be a part of a badass gang of artists who have your back,  and I want you to walk confidently into a room of producers, pitch that idea that everyone said didn't fit, and get more money than they thought they were going to give you!


When that time comes, I want you to be ready!